Boat Insurance

Boat owners who value their boats know how important it is to have adequate insurance coverage in case something were to happen to them. Boats, just like cars and homes, can be involved in accidents. In the event of a mishap, such a valuable investment should be...

Boat Towing

A flock of birds is like a flock of birds. Another boater will gladly assist a boater in need. It's the same with rendering aid and towing a fellow boater in need, isn't it? Here are some reasons why it is not necessarily the case.

It is important to temper your immediate reaction to help...


Watersports towables can be like choosing which thrill ride to take at a theme park. If you want to laugh and scream as your waterborne joyride is towed behind the boat, then it depends on your level of courage.

What makes towables so cool? As opposed to skiing and wakeboarding, they do...

boat anchors

Several types of anchors are available for boats. With this range of options, you can address the needs of different bottom materials, boat sizes, weather conditions, and holding power. The best choice for your boat can be made based on these factors. The first step to selecting a suitable boat...

boats are launched

Around boat owners, you might hear a joke you've never heard before. Buying a boat and taking it out on the water can be fun, but it also takes work. The day I bought a boat was the second happiest day in my life, and the day I sold it was my happiest. Having a boat is fun but also a lot of...

boat towing safety

Many boaters do not own lakefront or oceanfront properties, so they must transport their boats to and from the water -- often involving a trailer and a road trip.

Towing a boat, like any type of towing, is a delicate process. A seasoned pro might make it look easy,...

salvage boats

There are two conditions under which boats can salvage. According to the type of damage, the first condition must be met. A boat is damaged to the point where it would cost more to repair it than its market value, or repairing it would not restore the boat to the condition it was in before it...

boat towing

Boat Towing Carrier or Broker?

Most boat towing companies specialize in smaller or large power boats. However, if you have a big boat, it requires extra handling and loading. Ensure they will transport your boat versus just acting as a broker. Second, find out if the driver they intend to...